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These frames were made in various sizes. I made them this way to accomadate various size pictures. Most of them will fit on a half sheet of card stock. I like to print them out, fold at one edge of the frame and cut out the other three sides, using scallopped edge scissors (at WalMart for under $4.00). Then I put a long piece of ribbon between the fold and tie a bow. Best to do this before you glue the sides together!! (I like to use roller glue, it keeps the mess down to a minimum!!) This way I can hang them using small suction cups with hooks, on my fridge or windows. Or glue a small magnet to the back. My teenage daughters like them for small school pictures and they hang them on their cork boards, using pretty push pins. So just be creative!! I hope you like them!

"People who were my inspiration!"

Draac's gifs
If you want it, it's there!
Chemo Angels
"We are a volunteer group dedicated to adding a ray of sunshine to the lives of those undergoing treatment for cancer."
Hadoe's Printshop
Printable cards,labels and custom card maker!! A beautiful and helpful site. A MUST!!
Buck Babies Printables
Printables,Printables, and more Printables!!
Annes Place
Beautiful gifs. This where alot of my stationary came from.
Edwyna's Wacky World
More Printable Frames and a fun place to visit!!
A MUST SEE site for Webtv users! Frames, How to's, Webtv help, and so much more!
Grans Front Porch
A Beautiful Site FULL of printable stuff!
Pat's Web Graphics
Beautiful Greeting Cards!

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Frames 2

Printable stationery

Gift tags & Invitations

One fold Cards

And much more!!

So keep checking back!!