This page is only the begining of what I have now. Many more are on the way. Many of these gift tags have matching stationary found on the "Stationary" page.These have 6 cards on one sheet, that you can use as folded gift cards. Some have images on both sides that you can cut apart and use as single cards. I have only a few invitations, but more are on the way as I get them made. These have 2 per sheet. (These are very time consuming!) When you print the outside cover, turn them so the blank side is facing you so you can print the inside. However I suggest you let them dry completely before completing your project!!

I have also added some postcard invitations. Just use card stock and print them out, cut them out, then fill them out! I have made these 4 to a sheet, this will help you print more at a time.

So browse away and I hope you enjoy them!!

Be sure to take your printing options OFF "Print Backgrounds"!!!

Welcome Rose
Pink Cherry Blossoms
Pink Roses
Floral Bouquets
Angel 1
Angel 2
New Baby Girl?
New Baby Boy?
Happy Birthday
Victorian Hearts
Christmas Birds


You're Invited!

Baby Shower

Bridal Shower

Informal Wedding

Halloween Bash!

Christmas Party


Halloween Invite
Christmas Invite


Christmas Card
Christmas Card

More are on the Way!!!

*Printable Frames*
*Printable Frames 2*
*Printable Frames 3*