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This site is strictly designed for webtv users who want to enjoy their printers. Fortunately, more and more sites are being made everyday with us in mind. Hopefully in the near future, we won't be considered the "low life" group that doesn't have ample use, or the desire to use computers. On my quest to make this website,(My first of this kind!!) I have encountered many intelligent and wonderful people, with great ideas and websites. Their ingenuity,PATIENCE!!, and ability astounded me, and I applaud all of you for all of your hard work. Good Luck on all your future endeavors!

(I shall get off my soapbox now)

This site will always be under construction.So should you run into problems, please be patient. My intention is to have a multitude of frames that can be printed. The frames here can be used on magnetic sheets, or on card stock for making matting for picture frames and even cards. I hope you will come back, as I continue to add more.
Please, after viewing all my printables pages, I would really appreciate it if you would come back and sign my Guestbook. I would love to hear all your comments on what you think. Thanx for visiting.

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